If you believe in women’s empowerment and have read a lot about it or have worked for it, then you can write for us. We are looking for talented writers who can write for us and bring in a strong voice to show support for women’s empowerment. We not only want a writer but a believer who supports the role of women in jobs. 

We want you to write about policies, guidance, and tools regarding women’s empowerment in job applications, job interviews, and job retention. Women have been treated unfairly at every step over the past years and things should change for good.

We want our readers to feel the power in your writing so that they know their rights and can fight for it. Your writing should be motivational to encourage women to make the right decisions and fight for their rights.

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You should write original articles that have not been copied from anywhere or published elsewhere before. You must write within 500 to 1,000 words. When you mention any statistics or facts, you should include the source of your information.

We also encourage guest writers to include an image with articles, making sure that the image doesn’t have any copyright issues.

You should give an attractive title for your article so that the readers feel like reading the rest of your article. Be sure to write in short sentences and paragraphs so that the readers find it easy to understand your writing.

Before writing the article, we recommend that you go through our archive to see the type of articles we have published. You shouldn’t write about anything that has been already published. You should read the latest news, journal articles and other sources to help you write a relevant article.

We will review the article and may ask you to edit it if necessary. Please contact us for further inquiries.