The casino gaming industry in New Zealand is booming. However, the percentage of women game developers is low. There are many obstacles that women face when entering the gaming industry. If you are interested in casino games like pokies, then you can become a successful pokies developer with some good advice. Here are some useful tips for becoming the best female pokies developer in New Zealand. Take STEM subject STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) are often considered as subjects for men. Women are not encouraged to choose these subjects at the undergrad level. If you are interested in becoming a pokies developer, thenRead More →

A study has shown that 55% of undergraduate students in college are women. They also have higher grades compared to men. But a study sponsored by Rockefeller Foundation shows that only 4% of women are in leadership positions in the Fortune 500 companies. This result is shocking! Women are talented and they can perform just as well as men, and in some cases even better than men. Yet, they are in fewer leadership positions due to the many obstacles they face. Here are the reasons why there are fewer women in leadership positions. Lack of understanding People still don’t understand how a woman behaves, makesRead More →

Women have been neglected for years in the job market. More women are entering the workforce today and giving efforts equal to those of men, but are still facing discrimination in many ways. Here we are going to discuss the issues that women commonly face in the workplace today. Flexibility in jobs Women have to look after their family and children, besides having a full-time job. Most employers don’t give women the job flexibility they need so that they can manage both work and family. So, often women have to leave their job to look after family or start to get absent regularly. Employers shouldRead More →