According to different studies, it has been found that more than 50% of women leave jobs in the Fortune 500 companies before they even reach the executive level. Women can contribute a lot to the workforce and can positively change the economy of a country. The women’s job turnover rate must be reduced. Here are things companies can do for women’s job retention. Provide flexible hours Work hours should be made flexible for women. Instead of working form 9 to 5, they should be allowed to work from 10 to 6, for example, so that they can take care of their sick children, parents, orRead More →

A study has shown that 55% of undergraduate students in college are women. They also have higher grades compared to men. But a study sponsored by Rockefeller Foundation shows that only 4% of women are in leadership positions in the Fortune 500 companies. This result is shocking! Women are talented and they can perform just as well as men, and in some cases even better than men. Yet, they are in fewer leadership positions due to the many obstacles they face. Here are the reasons why there are fewer women in leadership positions. Lack of understanding People still don’t understand how a woman behaves, makesRead More →