Women’s empowerment is a much talked about topic today. For decades, women have been deprived of their basic rights of education, training, and jobs. They were left out of the decision-making process, be it at home or in the workplace. But now people’s perceptions are changing.

Women are getting more educated now and stepping into the job market. So, they should get equal status as men. There are lots of books that talk about women’s empowerment in jobs. Here are the best ones.

Boss Bitch

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By – Nicole Lapin

This book talks about empowering women to be their own boss. The author emphasizes that you don’t need to work under hundreds of employers to become a boss. You can do it from your first job.

You can start a business and be your own boss. She has written the book from her own experience and you will find the book very inspirational.

Drop the Ball

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By – Tiffany Dufu

Women represent 50% of the workforce, yet only 18% of women are in the top managerial positions. The reason is that once women reach the middle management position, they start a family and become more involved in maintaining relationships, raising children and looking after the household. They have to manage everything. 

The author tells women to let go of things and develop their priority lists. She encourages women to take help from others and not to do everything on their own. She motivates women to prioritize their work and personal goals rather than trying to fulfill family and work expectations.

Own It

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By – Sallie Krawcheck

This book is about the empowerment of women in the workplace. The author stresses that women should bring up their inner strength and not follow the expectations of men only. Women should make their own decision in the workplace. These books are very inspiring and every working woman should read it. The authors have excelled in their careers and have shared their experiences and thoughts in these books.