Women have been deprived of their rights to work for many years. Recently, things have started to change as more women are protesting against discrimination against them. NGOs and other organizations are fighting for their rights.

Still, when it comes to employment, men often get priority over women. Men get top-level jobs where decision making is vital. When it comes to job retention, men get preference. But things need to change and initiatives and policies are already in place to make these changes happen.

This magazine is about empowering women in job applications, job interviews, and job retention by taking initiatives, implementing policies and applying various tools.

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Here you will know how to create more job opportunities for women, especially in the higher official positions, how to ensure fair job interviews, how to prevent discrimination and harassment in the workplace, and more.

The magazine will help you know what the government and other companies are doing to empower women in the workplace. You will read about the campaigns that are in place to create awareness about fairness in the job market.

You will read interviews of women in the top roles of companies and learn how they have fought to come to that position. The articles in this magazine will create awareness and motivate women to work. We hope you will enjoy reading the magazine.